Emergency Relief Progam

We need support for assistance to the thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) by providing emergency shelter, medical care, food and clean water, which they need to survive, at the very early stage.

Program support will include: provision of sleeping mattresses, gloves, hats, flash lights, jackets, second handed shoes and clothes, blankets, stoves, sweaters etc. Female and baby support packages entails hygiene kits, detergents, hand soaps, baby wipes, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste , body rub, cleaning supplies  and  basic kitchen utensils, pots, cookers ,and  cleaners.

CARA intends to provide toiletries and other emergency kits to over 10,000 IDPs within the next 12 months

  • $10 will provide a towel
  • $50 allows an IDP to secure a hygiene bag
  • $50 purchases a mattress
  • $50 buys a bag of rice and 2 pots
  • $20 offers a new lamp
  • $25 buys a thermal blanket
  • $200 provides a dignity pack for young females
  • $500 supports a family with basic survival kits, wipes, and toiletries
  • $1000 supports an emergency shelter for an IDP family of 5 persons