This will enable refugees to be self-reliant. They will develop local solutions to their development challenges through capacity building initiatives.

Although wages remain the most common means for new comers to earn a living, lack of relevant legal documents is a practical hindrance for job acquisition or employment. The best alternative for newcomers is therefore to learn a trade, and, or to start their own businesses. The ensuing benefits are quite enormous for the women, their families and the host community: greater access to markets, income generation, reduced dependency ratio, self-confidence, improved image, increased self-esteem, access to health care, education of their children, and above all, uplift in their dignity:

  • $300 allows  a woman refugee to acquire training in tailoring
  • $200 will purchase a sewing machine for a refugee woman
  • $250 offers a refugee woman training in hair dressing, and hair styling
  • $500 allows a refugee woman to run a call –box.
  • $500 allows a refugee woman to set up a small kiosk to retail assorted items like sugar, milk, bread, corn, and rice
  • $100 gets a refugee youth  barbing skills
  • $30 affords him a barbing machine
  • $200 allows a refugee youth to acquire photography skills
  • $500 will train a refugee youth in carpentry